OBLIVION DUST styling contest held!

In recent years, opportunities to see people wearing OBLIVION DUST tour goods have increased.

If it! We will carry out a styling contest by fans!

Coordinate and remake the goods of Adrenaline Tour this time and arrange freely.

I will introduce the work (image) you sent with OBLIVION DUST Official SNS and share a wonderful arrangement with everyone.

We also have prestigious prizes for contest winners!


■Application period:July 22, 2018 〜 August 28

■Qualification requirements:Anyone who has official goods of Adrenaline Tour is acceptable.

■Submission details:Image of OBLIVION DUST Adrenaline Tour official goods coordinating (dressing), arrangement, remake etc.

As long as it is official goods of Adrenaline Tour, items are not questioned.

■Application scores:Any number of points allowed.

■SNS introduction method:We will introduce your work (image) along with your nickname and appealing point.

Please process the part you do not want to show, such as your face, and send the image.
※Please copy the items as you can see.

Award:KEN Award、K.A.Z Award、RIKIJI Award
Announcement:We announce it in early September. Also, for the winner, we will contact you by email from the Club OVERDOSE secretariat.

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